I AM a Conscious Creator 


Now You TOO Can Have Instant Access to The Powerful Mindset Training My High End Mastermind Clients Have Used to Create Abundance, Love, Expansion & Freedom 

I AM a Conscious Creator 


Now You TOO Can Have Instant Access to The Powerful Mindset Training My High End Mastermind Clients Have Used to Create Abundance, Love, Expansion & Freedom 

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Here's what you'll discover...

  • The I AM a Conscious Creator Program | all my best how to reprogram your subconscious mind with your NOW vision for success training over 1400 women have used to create massive abundance, freedom, loving relationships, thriving businesses and SO much more.

  • How to be BIGGER than your EGO &"The SECRET" to creating and using AFFIRMATIONS that ACTUALLY work to SHIFT your worthiness and deservingness set point as well as PAGES of rad affirmations my clients have used to create massive shifts in consciousness that open the floodgates of abundance.

  • Heal your energy leaks and disappointments to RECEIVING on a whole new level in a whole new way ( this is a game changer!)

  • Why your subconscious MIND is like an OVEN and will bake out anything you PUT IN or INSTALL into it. Want lasagna or a casserole? 50k per month or 100k? A new car, a new relationship, a better living situation? The oven doesn’t care what you put in it. Learn how to INSTALL new states of being and my EXACT recipe for installing impregnating something NEW in your oven so it bakes out into your reality in record time!

  • Mindset & planning worksheet ( the secrets to Napoleon Hills THINK & GROW RICH book - I read it 4 times back to back, you'll be shocked at what you can create when you put this into action with my simplified worksheet).

  • The EXACT SCRIPT to discover WHAT gremlins and negative beliefs about yourself lie hiding in your subconscious and how to turn them around and recalibrate your BEING with new visions for your now success.

  • Meditations for UNHOOKING from the strongholds of the EGO that keep you separate from the expansive ONENESS of your consciousness - this is how to use LOVE as your launchpad.

  • Meditations for calling in your ideal clients and shattering your income glass ceiling including connecting to the oneness field meditation and SHIFTING your safety set point around new levels of wealth and abundance meditation.

  • ​​Live coaching examples of me walking students through this life changing process and SO MUCH MORE!

  • ​Tools, worksheets, video trainings and more to recalibrate your FREQUENCY and birth the next evolution of you love leader! 


 $1997 Today Just $222 to get instant access.

ALL of My Clients Have Learnt How to Become A Conscious Creator Using this Proven Recipe...

See For Yourself The Results They Created Below!

Do you want to prosper emotionally and financially  more than you ever imagined possible, and live your  purpose?

Do you want to prosper emotionally and financially  more than you ever imagined possible, and live your  purpose?

Vanessa Simpkins is a LOVE leader and CEO of a multi-million dollar women’s empowerment company, Take Your Power Back Now and a #1 Best selling author. Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television.
She has inspired thousands of women worldwide through her programs in the last decade to emotionally and financially prosper more then they ever imagined possible, to live their purpose, heal from toxic relationships, share their story and create portable profitable online coaching businesses with her NO B.S approach to spirituality, healing, online marketing and sales.

“Vanessa, gosh, where do I begin… who you see online is who she is in person—she’s very authentic she’s very real—she’s truly passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves and become the best kind of coach that they can be with her systems. I was able to see that immediately by just being in the room with her, she really is no B.S”
– Patty Conttenta

From the Author of #1 Best Selling Book "Take Your Power Back Now"...

NOW, you too can discover how to tap into your power as a conscious creator and use Love As Your Launchpad... and discover what thousands of women have used to end the separation and suffering from identifying with the Ego.

Love Yourself, You are Worth it! 

As the spiritual masters all say "Know Thyself" - Confucius.

The most CRUCIAL skill you can learn ( and anyone with the willingness and discipline CAN learn this!) the most crucial skill you can learn outside of how to regulate your own nervous system and put old trauma's to bed is how to use the power of your mind as a creative instrument instead of letting it run old story's from the past play out and repeat themselves. 

The I AM A CONSCIOUS Creator course focuses on how to impregnate your subconscious mind for more love, expansion & freedom.

This whole business of the law of attraction is actually a simple concept- a little more tricky to implement especially when you don't have the understanding of creative laws or how the mind actually works. This course is by far THE best material I have gathered and successfully taught for years to soooo many women. It is STILL to this day the most important part of my work and something I practice MYSELF daily. 

Wether I am looking to manifest a new camera, a new business partner, a new romance, or more ease and joy, a new trip or vacation, a new income opportunity, a new home, passive income opportunities with blockchain and crypto ( yep I called that in too!) .... I come back to THIS proven process. And the results STILL blow me away. Every. Single. Time.

Do yourself a favor and work WITH the laws of creation, learn and implement them. You will blow yourself away at what you can call in. Anyone can learn and apply this. I've seen thousands of women use these practices, meditations, tools and affirmations in this program to create incredible results in their romantic lives, business lives and personal lives.

Bet on yourself that you can too! Bet on yourself lover because YOU are the lottery ticket you've been waiting for! 

Big HUgs xx

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